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While working as a feature writer for the Sioux City (IA) based arts and entertainment newsweekly Weekender, I routinely interviewed other authors for our "In Print" section. The author interviews are not "book reviews" per se, but rather what I call "conversations with authors" about how his or her particular book came about and how the work defines them as a writer.

Though they're no longer available in the Weekender's website archives, I've included some of them here and (as time permits) am hoping to get more of them scanned from the newsprint copy and add here as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the interviews as much as I enjoyed conducting and writing them.

Jody’s Author Interviews


A Rare Interview with “Dear Abby’s” Jeanne Phillips

Amy Hillgren Peterson: The Swedish Lie

Barbara Robinette Moss

Barbara Robinette Moss

Moss Pens Haunting Memoir of Resilience, Redemption

As a small, frail girl from the South, Barbara Robinette Moss was determined to change her fate and achieve a life defined by beauty.

Born in 1956 in rural Alabama, her family was so poor her mother ate dirt and poison-covered seeds to save food for her eight (of nine) children. Often starving and chronically malnourished, Barbara’s facial bone structure, teeth and complexion failed to develop normally, leaving her with what she called a “twisted mummy face.”

Young Barbara prayed nightly to be changed into Zeus’s daughter Aphrodite — the goddess of beauty — and after a lifetime of fiery resolution, so she became transformed.

Barbara Robinette Moss: fierce – the follow-up memoir to Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter

Barbara Watson: Wake Up Barbara! And Help me Find This Snake!

Dr. Bruce Forbes: Rapture, Revelation and the End Times – Exploring the “Left Behind” Series

Carter Elliott: Riding a Blue Horse – The Former CIA Officer Tackles Crime in Fiction

Charles Larimer: Love and Valor: Intimate Civil War Letters Between Captain Jacob and Emeline Ritner

Clive Warner: Appointment in Samara – Bio Weapons/CIA Thriller

Debbie Bernstein LaCroix: My Grandma Can Do Anything – Helping Children Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

Donald Harstad: Code Sixty-One – Carl Houseman Mystery Series

Dorothy Garlock: Hope’s Highway – The Second in the Route 66 Trilogy

Dorothy Garlock: Mother Road – Romance on Route 66

Edward Allen: Mustang Sally – Adapted for film – Featured at Sundance Film Festival

Eric Juhnke: Quacks and Crusaders: The Fabulous Careers of John Brinkley, Norman Baker and Harry Hoxsey

Estella Mae Slattery: Jeremiah’s God – Superstition, Local History Underscores Novel

G.M. Ford: Black River – River Runs Deep with Lies, Corruption, Justice

Gwyn Hyman Rubio: Icy Sparks – An Oprah Book Club Pic

Hugh Waddell: I Still Miss Someone – Friends & Family Remember Johnny Cash

J.A. Jance: Partner in Crime and Exit Wounds – Bestselling Mystery Writer

James Hassenger: Marriage Enhancement Guide – A Do-it-Yourself Marriage Counseling Manual

Jay Wagner: “H” is for Hawkeye – The Best of Iowa Comes to Life

Jeannette Angell: Callgirl – From College Lecturer to Callgirl and Back

Jennifer Chiaverini: The Runaway Quilt – Part of the Elm Creek Series

Jerry Buck: A Blood Red Rose – A Pete Castle Mystery

Jim Brickman: Simple Things – The Pianist’s First Book

Jimmy Santiago Baca: A Talk with the World Renowned Poet, Novelist, Memoirist

More on Jimmy Santiago Baca, his visit to Sioux City and his work with Illiterate Adults & At-risk Children

Leif Enger

Leif Enger

A talk with author Leif Enger

Leif Enger’s debut novel is of uncommon wisdom – equal parts tragedy, love story, faith and meditation – unfolding like a revelation in the midst of miracles and magic.

Set against the Minnesota countryside and North Dakota Badlands in the early 1960s, Peace Like a River is a story about a family whose lives are upended when Davy, the oldest son, kills two marauders who have come to harm his family.

Iowa’s First Lady Christie Vilsack: – Promoting Literacy with Peace Like a River

Matthew Clayton: A Navy Corpsman Speaks Out – On 40 Days and 40 Nights in Iraq

Max Barry: Jennifer Government – Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

Nancy Martin-Rouse: Do Angels Cry?

Natalie R. Collins: Wives and Sisters – A Sinister Look Inside the Mormon Church

Neil Miller: Sex-Crime Panic – A Journey to the Paranoid Heart of the 1950s

Peggy Knight: Three Books Celebrate Three Decades in the House of Cash

Richard Lewis: The Flame Tree – A Fierce Novel about Faith, Friendship & Forgiveness

Robert Short: The Gospel According to Peanuts

Shane Osborn: Born to Fly – A Talk with the U.S. Navy Lt. on his downed EP-3 ARIES II and his capture by the Chinese

Steve Almond: Candyfreak – A Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America

Terry Burns: To Keep a Promise

Timothy Schaffert: The Phantom Limbs of the Rollow Sisters


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