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Image for One Way: Bumps & Detours on the Road to Adulthood

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Jody’s collection of humorous and inspirational essays about childhood, growing up, and the multidirectional roads sometimes taken on the path to adulthood.

First Published by R & E Publishers (February 1992)
Saratoga, CA

Reprinted by Ultramarine Publishing Company
Hastings on Hudson, New York

Trade Paperback

ISBN-10: 0882478931
ISBN-13: 978-0882478937

Soon to be re-released in e-book format with a new Preface.

When an eclectic group of local misfits team up to restore a century-old structure with an enigmatic past, long buried secrets collide with resurrected dreams to help renovate more than just the building.

Coming Soon

Somebody Knows Something: Inside Iowa Cold Cases

What really happens when a murder or missing persons case fades from the headlines? “Somebody Knows Something” explores how 25 unsolved Iowa crimes altered lives of family members, friends, and both past and present investigators.

In Progress

The Darling of the Neighborhood: The Donna Sue Davis Cold Case Story

On Sunday, July 10, 1955 at approximately 9:35 p.m., someone snatched 22-month-old Donna Sue Davis from her Sioux City, Iowa crib shortly after her mother bathed her and put her to bed. The following afternoon, two Nebraska sisters-in-law — along with their combined seven young daughters — found Donna Sue’s raped and battered body in the first row of a 40-acre S. Sioux City cornfield about 15 feet west of the Old Back Road.

This true crime story chronicles the far-reaching aftereffects of Donna Sue’s death.

In Progress


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