Victim Calls for Leniency

On August 17, 2005, in Crime, Heroes, by Jody Ewing

What an inspirational read, and something one doesn’t see very often.

From the New York Times:

RIVERHEAD, N.Y., Aug. 15 – Every bone in her face was shattered last November when Victoria Ruvolo was struck by a 20-pound frozen turkey hurled through her windshield by a Long Island teenager. But when she came to court on Monday to hear the teenager accept responsibility for nearly killing her, she was there not for retribution but for his redemption.

The teenager, Ryan Cushing, pleaded guilty in Suffolk County Court to a reduced charge of second-degree assault. Tall and lanky, and too thin for his gray suit, Mr. Cushing, 19, nearly whispered his admission that he threw the turkey from a rear window of a speeding car, hitting Ms. Ruvolo’s car with such force that it bent her steering wheel before striking her.

Read the Full Story: Deal in Turkey-Throwing Case After Victim Calls for Leniency – New York Times

Cash Up Front

On June 4, 2005, in Authors, by Jody Ewing

When was the last time you walked into a Barnes & Noble or a Borders book store and bought that catchy title prominently displayed in the front of the store? Think it’s there because the booksellers thought it was a “great read?”

Think again. It’s a practice most of us know exists, but the New York Times‘ Randy Kennedy does a good job here explaining the brass tactics of just how it got there, and for how much.

Cash Up Front – New York Times

If you have a favorite author and want to help sell their books, might I suggest visiting your local bookstore and turning your favorites face out on the shelves? It won’t even cost you $20,000.


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