Senator John Edwards

“Fighting for One America” in Onawa, Iowa

August 13, 2007

Were I to try and summarize what it’s like living in Iowa during the height of presidential candidates’ visits, this particular slideshow — of John and Elizabeth Edwards’ stop at Dan’s Pizza in Onawa, IA, on August 13, 2007 — captures the very essence of what it’s all about…

… the set-up, the anticipation, the arrival and greeting of candidates, the media, the heat and hope, the existence of something greater than ourselves when we unite as a whole, and the people who make it all come together. It’s an experience many will remember all their lives.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Field Organizer Kyle Warneck and all the other John Edwards campaign staff for their exceptional efforts in organizing this event, to Phil Morrow and my sister Kysa for all the great photos, to Dan’s Pizza for hosting the event, and of course to John and Elizabeth Edwards for their commitment to making a difference in all our worlds.

* Note: Click any image for larger slideshow with photo descriptions.

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