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On December 1, 2005, in Authors, Entertainment, by Jody Ewing
Johnny Cash and Hugh WaddellPhoto by Mark Seliger, Rolling Stone Magazine
Johnny Cash and Hugh Waddell

As some of you may or may not have noticed, I changed a couple of photo credits on my Johnny Cash/Hugh Waddell story. Though the photos had been provided to me by Cumberland Publishing for use with the article, they formerly did not state who’d taken the photos. That’s now included, and Hugh even provided some background info on the stories behind the photos. (Again, with permission to reprint!)

Here’s what author Hugh Waddell had to say about them:

I love your website. Change it to JODYROCKS.COM. It is so cool. AND how nice to see the article we did. Oh, at the article page, how about those photo credits? Can you change ’em? The one of John and myself was made by Mark Seliger for Rolling Stone Magazine at Red Rocks just outside of Vegas in 1993 (actually during a shoot for Stone and he was burning off a few left over frames on a roll of film).

Rolling Stone Mark sent me a portrait-sized copy of that picture, as I not only set up the photo shoot, I also found the Winchester lever-action rifle our cowboy Johnny is holding, by calling the non-emergency phone of the Las Vegas PD at 2 AM, and asking them to dispatch out over the radio, did any cops on duty have a rifle in their collection for use at 6AM for a Rolling Stone/Johnny Cash photo shoot. (By 9 AM it gets over 100 degrees in the desert, so you have to shoot early – the photos, not the gun.) I got 4 calls from cops within thirty minutes and they all met at the Hilton by giving our bus (Johnny’s bus he called JC Unit One – yup, it said so on the side rear) a police escort to the photo shoot location.

We were originally going to shoot at the theatre stage at the Hilton where John was appearing, but that would have been too – how shall we put it – too Wayne Newton.

The other shot is by Jim Marshall, who also did the famous “Johnny Cash giving the finger” photo. This was a promotional photo that Columbia Records put on a post card and used to promote the Folsom “live” album. That photo, of course, was shot at Folsom Prison in ’69. He (Jim Marshall) signed a print of this to me back in ’88 and I used it in the book.

Hugh also went on to tell me about some great bargains he was finding on QVC at 2 a.m. and some especially good deals last night on The Home Shopping Channel, but, alas, I don’t want to embarrass Johnny Cash’s former road manager by telling the whole world what he really finds entertaining at 2 a.m.

(See there, Hugh? I don’t print everything on my blog. :-)

Jody (who hasn’t yet checked to see if is available)

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