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  1. Lev says:

    Look Leif, that book of yours “Peace Like A River” is a total bull.Religion and violence all mixed up. You got a gun yourself?

  2. Lev says:

    I hope you’ll shoot yourself in the balls if you do

  3. neina loftis halsey says:


  4. Patti K says:

    Thank you, thank you. RIP Heroes

  5. brenda says:

    Does anybody have a picture of johnny cash getting his hair cut I just bought a barbers chair and they told me Johnny cash got his hair cut in that chair.

  6. Alice says:

    I love the music of Native American recording artists, like Rita Coolidge and others. If it is possible, I would like to buy one of your CDs. I have Cherokee blood, how much, I don’t know, doesn’t matter, I just love the music. I hope I can find an outlet that sells your CDs. Aho

  7. kathy jarvis says:

    I am looking for a copy of your book Code 61 and November Raibn. Any idea where I can buy them

  8. Abigail says:

    R.I.P. soldiers
    I lived in Marshalltown IA. Seeing this broke my jeart and knowing so many other Soldiers from my country died because of what they believed in breaks my heart!! Thank you for your service and your sacrifice soldiers you are 100% a hero!!

  9. Bonnie Mattaliano says:

    I just went through the pictures with my husband and our 11 year old son. They went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa yesterday and put flags on graves of our fallen men and women. I’m proud of all the Scouts from Troop 120 who spent their beautiful second day of summer vacation looking for and honoring these very men and women. Showing them the faces really brings it home for us. May God hold them all in His arms.

  10. barry says:

    With all the respect in the world from an old viet nam vet…………I truly believe it will be our native peoples and people like you who will save this nation……I do hope so…I truly do. Namaste

  11. Bill says:

    Simple . . . attend both as I did. I, too, faced a similar situation as I attended Benson and graduated from Westside in 1969. I went reunions for both schools, although for different anniversaries. I am extremely proud of having attended both schools and having great memories and relationships at each. One does not have to choose between schools. If my having attended different schools makes a difference, then I say, “I hope the door hits you on the ass!” P.S. – Someone from the Benson alumni reunion should tell Mr. Nolte about the reunion as he may not know of it since his name may not appear in the yearbook. Has he attended any other reunions at either school?

  12. Patrick Cosgriff says:

    May God Bless all of you for your ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our Country. I thank you for your service. Semper Fi.

  13. Lenore Bleifuss says:

    I love to read your books because, growing up in the early 30s, I can relate to the era and the people of those days. Life was so simple then when families and neighbors built strong ties of communication by sharing their lives in ordinary ways. Thank you so much for your wonderful books. Please keep writing. Lenore Bleifuss

  14. Tari Herron says:

    I have all of Ms. Garlock’s books except those written with pseudo names. Have read them each multiple times, enjoying them again & again! I love the western themed ones the best! She makes you feel as a mouse in the corner hearing & observing everything! But then again, she does the same with her books of the 20’s & 30’s as well!! You feel as though you are living within the story!
    My favorites are The Annie Lash Series, The Dream River Series & The Colorado Series! Each book was a wonderful story that just pulled you into them!
    Though I have 5 bookcases of books, I have 4-5 authors that are my favorites! Ms. Garlock is certainly one of those! I will always keep the actual books but am now adding them on my Kindle as it is easier to read! I’m now 70 yrs old & disabled!
    Mrs. Garlock, you are an incredible storyteller! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift! Praying you keep writing & sharing!

  15. Sheilia Thacker says:

    I bought your book Icy Sparks in early 2000 just because it was a story about TS with saying this i can relate then i got home and i live in Berea ky also, its a wonderful story and now i know iam not alone,? I have shared my paperback book wore the pages thin and have shared the tell and lines of this book with My Family And Friends year after year on today iam sharing it with my 11 year old Granddaughter, and wanted to just send this text and say Thank You ,

  16. Marjorie Risi says:

    Now I’ll never know what happened to the dog Fertile and her puppies. Guess I have to make my own happy ending from “A Place called Rainwater”