Bailing out Benji

Just ran across this truly beautiful and inspiring video on the new website “Bailing out Benji: Iowans for Pets!

How sad that Iowa ranks almost at the very bottom (only five below us) when it comes to animal cruelty laws. Christie Vilsack, we need you!

Thank you, Mindi, for creating such a great site and FB group!

3 thoughts on “Bailing out Benji

  1. Mindi

    I just ran across this! Thank you so much for posting this! :) I am trying my hardest to educate as many people as possible about the HORRORS that are going on in our own backyard. Feel free to share as much as you would like… And thank you again for the kind words.

    1. Jody Ewing

      My pleasure, Mindi. I so appreciate what you’re doing, and we’ve simply got to do something about Iowa’s deplorable animal abuse/rights laws. Current 5th District (soon to be 4th District) Rep. Steve King — who isn’t able to grasp the difference between abortion and animal rights (hey, they both begin with “a,” right!?) — repeatedly gets an “F” on the HSUS’s annual report on legislators who voted for or against pro-animal legislation. (We’re talking a solid row of big fat zeros under SK’s name, regardless of the type of animal.)

      If Iowa’s animal lovers want to raise our basic standards upward from the appalling bottom heap, we’ll simply have to join forces in some type of get-out-the-vote campaign (i.e. Facebook would be a good start!) urging 4th District voters to banish the feeble-minded college dropout and instead elect former IA First Lady Christie Vilsack. She’s not only insightful and intelligent, she honest-to-God cares about Iowans, their pets, their jobs, and overall well being.

  2. Mindi

    Jody, a great group that I, on occasion, work with is the Iowa Voters for Companion Animals. They are focusing more on the grassroots level of changing the legislation. I will definitely keep in contact with you though. The one thing I have noticed, is how hard it is to get everyone to do the same thing :) We all care so much, but everyone wants to do it their own way. :/


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