Three names I’ll be watching

On July 2, 2005, in Crime, by Jody Ewing

I’m embarrassed to even admit this took place in Iowa, but then again, people who like to torture live everywhere, including Iowa.

But when Josh Colvin, the cruelty intervention coordinator for the Animal Rescue League refers to this as “the worst animal torture I’ve ever seen,” I know I’ll be keeping an eye on the the names of three Iowa teens who were arrested and charged in dousing opossums in lighter fluid and setting them on fire — as they laughed and jeered and videotaped the entire horrific ordeal.

Their names — David Bendickson, Anthony Herrington and Kevin Calderon — all of Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Animal torture is punishable only by up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. What on earth is wrong with this picture????? If it’s only punishable for up to two years, how long before these murderers are back on the street looking for their next victim(s)? And what does one do to “top” something like what they’ve already done?

I can see it now. When David Bendickson, Anthony Herrington and Kevin Calderon are arrested again in the near future for torturing and killing a next-door neighbor’s young child – or perhaps a young child going about his or her business of playing at the local park – the headlines will read:

“Killers Had History of Torturing and Killing Innocent Victims.”

I think it’s timeto write more letters to some state legislators.