Kysa’s Birthday 2008

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Kysa’s Birthday 2008


On February 7, 2008, my family held a double birthday party celebration for my sister Kysa and her best friend, Denise. (Denise’s birthday was just five days later on the 12th.) My sister Lori graciously hosted the event at her home.

We’d all been in need of a good reason to laugh again. We’d just lost “Dad Earl” to the copper thieves five months earlier, and then Mom had been diagnosed with the breast cancer right after his funeral and had the mastectomy. She’d only recently begun chemotherapy (note her cute khaki cap where her hair used to be), but this was one of the first times I’d really seen her smile since it all began.

Please forgive my sometimes unsteady hand with the camera; it appears I wanted to videotape everything and everyone all at once. At least my intentions were good.

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Ordinary Miracles

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My Family and the Ordinary Miracles
that Make up Our Lives



The Music:

Ordinary Miracle ~ by Sarah McLachlan
That’s the Beat of a Heart ~ The Warren Brothers featuring Sara Evans
Those Good Old Dreams ~ The Carpenters
Simple Things ~ The Music of Jim Brickman by the Taliesin Orchestra
Remember ~ by Harry Nilsson, music composed and conducted by George Fenton
End Title ~ To Kill a Mockingbird, music composed and conducted by Elmer Bernstein

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Videos and Photo Slideshows


An eclectic collection of slideshows and videos I either put together myself … or news reports and/or other stories involving my family, my work, or where one of us was interviewed.

You may either view the stand-alone videos directly on this page by clicking the photos, or click on the hyperlink below any photo to visit the individual page where you’ll still find the video along with any accompanying story or summary.

P.S. There’s still more to come. It just takes time to get them here.


Iowans Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan
Slideshow compiled by Jody Ewing
Click Here for detailed information about each veteran.



A short “iMovie” trailer I made in 2012 depicting
my family’s past Christmas holidays.



Family Moments
Made for Mom and Siblings Christmas 2007
























KTIV-TV Channel 4 reports on the Iowa Cold Cases website
and Earl Thelander death — June 9, 2008









Behind the scenes at Barack Obama’s “Hope, Action, Change”

live webcast — Onawa, Iowa, March 31, 2007